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Cause I said so and cause I’m older I’m always right.

"Hmmm…." Jor stands right in front of Fenrir, estimating his height.

"If you’re older, why am I bigger?”

jjormungandr hears the wing beats



"I see you found yourself a human skin to wear. Since you’re not biting your tail, can I assume you asgardian’s have decided to blow up the pretty little ball of dirt I made?"

"All of your assumptions are false," stated Jormungandr sharply. "As far as I know, Midgard is here to stay…and I am not one of the Asgardians."


"You are such an idiot, baby brother."

"And how am I an idiot?" he smiles.


"They are sleeping. You should look in on them. Ormi … he is just like you, his pouting little lips." Her words drifted as she looked up at Jormungandr.

She knew that his words were sincere, but his life had been a wash of confusion and turmoil for the longest of times. His self idetity had holes and garbled knots from where he had seemingly pieced it together, but that didn’t bother Penny. He was the shy man who had given himself to her wholly, who had fathered her children and still returned to her bed. No matter what happened, he was Ormi’s daddy, Olive’s papa, they were his flesh and his blood, the ties that bind.

"You are still you. You look different, but what’s inside your heart, that’s what counts, Jormungadr. I …" She wasn’t sure what to say to him. There seemed to be a breech she wasn’t sure she had the ability to bridge.

"You can be whoever you want to be, you have the strength, the power, you are the man that I love and that won’t ever change."

Jormungandr turned to face her. She was right. He had already made a permanent mark on the world already, without destroying it. He and Penelope had changed each others’ lives, and created two more. Jor had a true identity in the eyes of Penelope, Ormi, and Olive. He still belonged to his mother, his father, Fenrir, and Hel.

He brought Penelope into a hug. “I’m so sorry,” he said. “The last thing I want to do is make you feel hurt. Please do not pity me.”

As he relaxed himself, pulling out of their embrace, Jor said this: “I need to go see them.”

And he did so, quietly opening the door to their room. The twins were still asleep, wrapped up in neat blanket bundles. He did finally notice that Ormi’s lips were like his own, exactly what Pen had mentioned. But he knew Ormi had his mother’s eyes. Both babies did.

Jor smiled a little, knowing that this was his true home.


It broke her heart. As she stood outside the door and listened to him speak as though he was alone. It had not been easy for her either. A single mother with two newborn babes of Jotnar heritage. That was his purpose, she thought to herself. With a sigh, Penelope stepped into the bedroom that she and Jorm shared. It seemed like an eternity had passed since they had been here together.

"You are a father," she whispered as she sat upon the bed. "You have two tiny little children who need you, Jormungandr."

She refused to look at him. His purpose had always been his loyalty to his father, Ragnarok, he’d built himself up as the all powerful son of the God of Mischief, and now here he was engaged in self loathing and doubt. Penelope was helpless.

Jormungandr dropped his hands at the sound of her voice, wiping most of the emotion from his face. He dared not turn to face her yet. If the twins had been sleeping now, he realized, he may have woken them.

"I’m sorry." These words were genuine, delivered on a whisper. He hung his head low, like a defeated wolf scampering from the fight. Jor didn’t want to upset her more than he already had. He’d been absent too much, too unsure about himself even before now, and not confident in her. Physically, he wasn’t even the same man anymore. What he couldn’t understand was why she kept loving him. "I’ve no idea who I am now."

His hands unfurled from fists, relaxing. “I’m just not who they say I am anymore. I don’t even know if I need to hold this realm together, and if I can test those limits.”

"I’ve spent weeks in the ocean….all for nothing."

Jormungandr grit his teeth, prepared to lash his words at anyone who dared argue his statement.

"As soon as I heard this historically accurate prediction for Ragnarok that the Midgardians circulated, I fled to my position, wrapped around this planet. I wasn’t the only one who prepared…was I? I was doing everything I was told to do, destined to do.


"Whatever day it was that Ragnarok was supposed to begin, Loki did not kill Baldr. The eternal winter did not begin. For what purpose was I for then, if I am not destined to play my part? Was there no real need to put me here in the frigid depths of these oceans? If I am not destined for death by Mjolnir and its wielder’s death by my poison, what am I to do?"

He covered his face with his hands, hiding his pained expression. Although there was no one else in the room.

Should’ve killed me when I was young and naive, Odin. 

A Fresh Start

Once again, sorry for my absence here. My weeks have been very, very busy since Christmas. After this following week, basketball will be over. As some of you guys know, I’m a cheerleader, and these games usually take at least two nights out of my week. When the season ends, I will have more time at home, thus more time here with my RP partners and team members.

I’m trying to help myself get back into my muses, especially Jormungandr. He’s a key person in the Norse/Jotun branch of the group, and I feel like I need to give him justice again. So, I’ve decided to change my muse a bit. I’ll list the things that I’m changing and what will remain the same.

Stuff That’s Staying:

  • His history. Jormungandr’s past will stay constant, with his childhood in Jotunheim, the separation from his siblings, life encircled in Midgard’s seas, etc.
  • Single Verse. I’ll continue roleplaying in one verse as I have been. In this verse, he alternates between living in the sea as a serpent and living in New York in his human form. Jor has the two twins, Olive and Ormi, with Penelope Archibald.
  • Past Headcanons. I’ll keep those in place for now.


  • first and foremost…A New Faceclaim. I’ve decided to give Jor a new look. From now on, the new faceclaim is Ramin Karimloo. For this change, we can just assume Jormungandr went back into his original serpent form for an extended period of time, and when he went to transform again his appearance was slightly altered.
  • Assvengers Family First. With Jor’s family, I’ve counted every single Loki, Hela, Frigga, etc. as if they are the only one, not alternate-universe muses. This will remain the same, but where I have Jor’s relationships listed the Assvengers muse for that relation will be listed. If, for example, we didn’t have a Thor, I’d link the Thor I most often interact with instead.
  • New Threads. I’m not continuing any old threads, period. (Okay, let’s be real, they’ve all been dropped by now.) I’d like to start some new threads, so drop something in my ask or tag me in something! :)
  • New Theme. At some point I will be changing my theme and reorganizing things.

Thanks to you guys that have stuck around with me! I plan to be more active from now on, now that I will have less stress on my back.

A Reminder


Since Ragnarök didn’t happen, that means that Loki’s babies were taken away from him for no reason.